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Outdoor décor is all the rage right now! During the spring and summer months, more and more events are happening outside. With that, people want to have balloons. We offer multiple kinds of décor options for outdoor events. Almost our whole entire balloon décor range can be either indoors or outdoors, with some limitations. 
If you are thinking about having outdoor décor, please remember the following guidelines!
  1. Heat and direct sunlight can make balloons oxidize or even pop more rapidly than normal. Oxidation is the process of when the latex breaks down in the balloons, causing the balloons to have a "matte" like finish. All latex balloons kept outdoors will oxidize. 
  2. Putting outdoor décor under shade, a tent, or something along those lines will help your balloons last longer. We highly suggest NOT putting your décor in the direct sunlight.
  3. We suggest if you are using latex balloons to go with lighter colors (whites, matte colors, etc). Darker colors will go down faster in the sun.
  4. Wind and rain can and will affect balloons. If the balloons are not secured properly, the wind can ruin a display. If you have helium balloons, the rain will cause the helium balloons to not float. We suggest doing all air filled designs for outdoor décor, unless you know what the weather will be like the day of your event. 
  5. The cold weather does not affect balloons as much as the heat. Foil or Mylar balloons will tend to "go down" in the cooler temperatures.
  6. Use foil or plastic balloons as much as possible for outdoor events, especially in the heat as they will last longer.
  7. Make sure your event location will allow balloons outside.
  8. DO NOT EVER release any helium filled balloons into the air. 
  9. MBM is not responsible for the weather after an event is set-up.
  10. If we have a recommendation for your event, please respect it as we know what is best for the balloons and we want them to last as long as possible for you!

Pool Balloons

June 25th, 2022 - Birthday 4.jpg

Balloon Singles for the Pool

Air or Helium Options - Priced per Balloon

1. Helium Balloons - these can be any latex, foil or plastic balloons.

  • Latex; we recommended balloons that are 24" or bigger.

  • Foil; we recommended balloons that are XL sizes or hold more helium.

  • Plastic; same rules apply as foil.

  • All balloons are held down with a weight at the bottom of the pool.

2. Air Balloons - these can be any kind, shape or size.

  • All balloons are either held down with a weight at the bottom of the pool or a water balloon is attached to keep it on the pool surface.

Garlands for the Pool

Air Only - Priced per foot

Our garlands for the pool are the same as our regular ones. All of our garlands have water balloons attached to keep them from blowing away. We can also anchor them to a place onto the pool so they won't float around the pool. The different variations of our organic garlands can be found here.

June 25th, 2022 - Anniversary Party.jpg

Yard Décor 


Yard Number or Letter Sculptures

Air Filled - Priced per sculpture/digit/letter


Option 1: 6’ Tall - 4 Colors
Option 2: 8’ Tall - 4 Colors
Option 3: Custom Piece - Varies

*Yard sculptures can either be pushed into the ground with a stake attached to their frame or have a flat base.


Yard Stick

Air Filled - Priced per Stick

Up to 5 Colors

Includes topper of choice (latex, foil, bubble), varying size latex, ribbon or tulle on a yard stick.


Yard Stick Message

Air Filled - Priced per Set

Up to 5 Colors

Includes topper of choice (latex, foil, bubble), saying in foil balloons, varying size latex, ribbons or tulle on each stick.

*Message must be 15 digits or less per two yard sticks.


Wind Chime

Air Filled - Priced per Chime

Up to 5 Colors

Includes topper of choice (latex, foil, bubble), varying size latex linking balloons, ribbons or tulle on a yard stick.

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