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For pricing, quotes, or any other questions you might have, you can contact us via our inquiry form here

Pricing can be adjusted per customer budget, depending on the item. Current pricing may vary due to supply shortages, price increases, etc. Set-up fees, delivery fees and taxes will be added, accordingly.



We offer balloon twisting entertainment for events, carnivals, parties, etc.


 We offer a wide selection of helium singles for all occasions and events.


We offer set-up and delivery for an extra fee or free pick-up. 



We offer breakdown services for every event. If it is not required by us, there will be an extra fee. 


We offer Balloon Twisting for events, carnivals, parties, etc. For twisting, we offer a design menu to select from, per event.


Depending on the size of the event, we can offer between 5 and 10 designs that match the theme of your event.


Pricing is determined per hour or per balloon design. Pricing per hour is a set price, including travel to the event. Pricing per balloon design depends on the designs selected.

balloon twisting


We offer a wide range of latex, shaped latex, foil, and plastic (bubble, clearz or bobo) balloons. Each balloon varies in cost, and includes the price of helium. All of our latex balloons are treated with Ultra Hi-Float for maximum float life. Float life for all balloons vary of the environment they are in, and how they are kept. We can not guarantee the float life of any balloon for a specific amount of time. If you do not see the balloon you are looking for before, please inquire!

Round Latex Balloons

Standard Round or Print

Standard Confetti/Glitter

16" Round or Print

16" with Collar

16" with Confetti/Glitter

16" Double Bubble

16" w/ Multi 5" Latex (Gumball) 

17/18" Round

24" Round

24" with Confetti/Glitter

3' Round or Print

3' with Collar

3' with Tulle

3' with Confetti/Glitter

3' w/ Multi 11" Inside

3' w/ Multi 5" Inside

Specialty Shape Latex Balloons

11" Heart or Print

14" Heart (Reflex Colors)

16" Heart

Geo Blossom

Geo Donut

Printed or Unprinted Mousehead

Printed Mickey

Printed Minnie

Airship (646 or 660) or Printed Airship


Big Bear Head


Small or Giant Duck

Small or Giant Elephant

Giant Mouse

Giant Worm/Bee

Foil, Bubbles & Clearz:

Standard Foil or Print

XL Foil or Print

XL Number/Letter


Clearz w/ Multi 5" Latex

Clearz w/ Collar

Clearz w/Confetti or Glitter

Orbz or Printed Orbz 

Cubez or Printed Cubez 

Diamondz or Printed Diamondz

Bubble or Printed Bubble

Bubble w/ Collar

Bubble w/ Confetti or Glitter

Bubble w/ Multi 5" Latex

Double Bubble w/12" Latex Inside

Double Bubble w/Standard Foil

Balloon Twisting


Set-up, delivery and breakdown is a set fee that is included into the final quote. If breakdown isn't needed, we will change the price appropriately. Please plan accordingly for breakdown. We will arrive promptly on the desired breakdown time. If your event time is pushed back, then there could be an addition charge. 


Most of our pieces are created at our home location, and delivered to your event location. The structure and mass of the piece will dictate whether the piece is set up at our home location or if it needs to be assembled at the venue. If the piece needs to be assembled at the venue, you (the customer) will need to contact the venue and set up arrangements for us to set-up the piece before the event. Set-up for all big orders need AT LEAST 2 hours or more before the scheduled event time to set up. Depending on the size of your piece, we can set up within an hour if needed.


For bigger events or events at farther distances, overnight stays could take place. More information will be gathered from you if an overnight stay is required. The delivery and set-up fee will be listed on your final invoice.

Delivery prices depend on the the distance of your event location. Due to recent gas price increases, delivery prices have risen.


Décor and helium balloon pick-up is available for free. Please note that any popped balloons or décor injuries are not our responsibility after you leave our location. We will try our best to make sure your piece travels safely with you. Please be mindful that your vehicle needs to big enough to transport your piece! 

Set Up & Delivery


We will not offer breakdown services last minute at the event if it is not already noted in the invoice or discussed prior.

*Please note, if we need to come back to breakdown décor or remove rentals, we must know the event end time. We can stay during the event or in the area if we do not have any other orders during the day and if the event is no more than two hours long.


If we have another order scheduled during your event end time, please allow for extra time for travel back to the venue.


WE WILL NOT POP THE BALLOONS during breakdown, unless we need to get to our rentals. You (the customer) are responsible for breaking down and popping all the balloons.

Removal Services
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