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Introducing our new Grab & Go balloon decor options! Grab & Go decor is a great option for those who have set budgets and/or are looking for a quick decor option. All of our Grab & Go decor options have a variety of sizes, colors and finishes to choose from. Organic Garlands come with directions on how to set them up, as well as tools to hang them. Don't forget to add your Add-Ons to the cart, separately!

balloon decor options

We offer a wide range of balloon decor options for any occasion! All of our decor options can be customized to fit the theme and size of your event. For more decor options, styles, examples and pricing, please inquire about our pricing sheet. We can't wait to make your event a moment to remember!

ARCHES & frames

All of our arches are filled with air, unless otherwise noted. Each arch includes a rental frame that is included in final pricing. The arch frame will be picked up by MBM at the end of your event, unless otherwise noted. If you want the arch to be set up outside, please let us know so that the proper supports can be provided.

We offer a wide range of different arches and frames. Our arches come in 20ft (single door), 25ft (double door), 30ft (grand) and 35ft (drive through).

Types of Arches & Frames

  • Classic Arches: Same size balloon throughout the design

    • Classic Latex or Foil

    • Specialty Shape: Star, Heart, Minnie/Mickey, Square Frame

  • Organic Arches: Random sizes of latex, foil and bobo balloons, along with florals confetti/glitter or other specialty balloons

    • Standard Organic: Various sizes of latex balloons

    • Deluxe Organic: Various sizes of latex and foil balloons

  • Helium & Linking Arches: Latex, foil, bobo/bubble balloons or a mixture of all three

    • Add ons include: foil numbers/letters, light up balloons, 260 curls, specialty balloons​

  • Frames: Various shapes/sizes in two styles

    • Classic: Includes all latex balloons​

    • Organic: Includes various sizes of all latex balloons

    • Deluxe: Includes various sizes, shapes of latex/foil balloons

Balloon Backdrop.jpeg

Balloon Backdrops make a fabulous photo background! Backdrops of multiple columns with numbers or letters on the top that spell out a word. These can include other latex or foil balloons to match a specific theme.

Types of Balloon Backdrops

  • Column Backdrop: 5 columns in the same or various heights with topper balloon of choice

    • Toppers include giant latex or foil​

  • Phrase/Number Backdrop: 3+ columns that spell out a phrase, name or number 

    • For example; "2024" or "Max"

Our Balloon Drops consist of multiple shapes, sides and colors of latex balloons. Foil balloons can be used for latex allergies, but there will be an up charge. Balloon Drops are usually attached to the ceiling of the venue. If the ceilings are 12ft and under, we can use our own equipment to connect the Balloon Drop to the ceiling. If the ceilings are more than 12ft tall, the venue or client needs to provide a way for us to reach the ceiling. Venues (especially larger venues) often have a drop ceiling or a scissor lift. Balloon Drops are great for corporate events, school graduations or anything in between. 

Sizes of Balloon Drops

  • 15ft x 2ft (holds approx. 200-300 balloons) 

  • 15ft x 4ft (holds approx. 300-400 balloons)

  • 24ft x 4ft (holds approx. 500-600 balloons)

  • 50ft x 4ft (holds approx. 1500 balloons)

  • Custom sizes available

Balloon Drop.webp
Balloon Wall.jpg

Balloon Walls offer a wonderful backdrop for photos, Guest of Honor chairs or birthday cake displays. Our Balloon Walls come in two sizes (8x8ft or 10ftx10ft). Custom sizes are available. We offer all latex (standard), latex and foil (deluxe - which can also include florals or props) or linking walls (which are made from linking balloons).

Types of Balloon Walls

  • Standard: All latex

  • Deluxe: Latex, foil, bubble, bobo, florals, etc.

  • Classic Linking: All latex

  • Deluxe Linking: Latex, foil, bubble, bobo, florals, etc

Bubble Strands are strands of balloons tied to monofilament (clear line). They can be filled with helium to float upwards (secured with a weight) or hung from the ceiling hanging downward (hung with a magnet or attached to the ceiling). These can also be strung on fairy lights if you want to add a lighted touch to your balloons. All size, shapes and styles of balloons can be used for our strands.

Sizes of Bubble Strands

  • 6ft to 9ft, 9ft to 10ft, 10ft to 15ft, 20ft+, custom length

  • Add ons: 24" latex, 3' latex, 4' latex, foil number/letter, giant foils, bubble, giant bobo or orbs

Balloon centerpiece.jpeg

Centerpieces pull together the theme of the event and add focal points throughout the space. Our Air-Filled Centerpieces are secured by a stand, pole, or balloon base. Helium Centerpieces are fixed on a string or line, with a weight or balloon base.

All of our Balloon Centerpieces can be made out of latex, foil, bubble or bobo balloons in a mixture of sizes and shapes. They can be filled with confetti, glitter, tulle or anything in between, 

We have a number of pre-made designs to choose from. If you find inspiration online, please feel free to send it to us.

Our Confetti Pop Columns are filled with mini 5" latex balloons and confetti. Choose from multiple colors of balloons and confetti. These come with a popper so you can pop the balloon for that WOW effect.


These can be filled with air or helium. Air-only columns are structured with a firm base and pole, and helium are on a balloon weight.


Each column can be customized to fit any theme, color, etc. Custom column requests are always welcome!

Confetti Pop Columns.webp

All of our Classic Balloon Columns are filled with air and secured on a base for indoor or outdoor weather. Usually, we pick up the columns at the end of your event.


Our Classic Columns are our more popular designs and include many of the classic styles you know and love. Each column can be customized to fit any theme, color, etc. Custom column requests are always welcome! 

See our full range of Classic Columns on our pricing sheet (please inquire).

All of our Deluxe Columns are filled with air and secured on a base for indoor or outdoor weather. Usually, we pick up the columns at the end of your event.


Our Deluxe Columns are our more unique designs, fitting around a specific theme or event. Each column can be customized to fit any theme, color, etc. Custom column requests are always welcome! 

See our full range of deluxe columns on our pricing sheet (please inquire).

9FT w XL Foil Number & Starburst_edited.jpg

All Foil Numbers and Letter Balloons are priced per balloon, can be filled with helium or air, and come with a ribbon and weight. We strongly recommend making sure you order the correct size balloon for your specific type of event. They can also be added to any of type of decor. Some of our decor options already include the price of the numbers and letters, so please make sure to review your quote in detail. Foil Letters come in small and large (standard). Number Letters comes in small, large (standard) and jumbo.

Colors Include: Silver, Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, White, Black, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow and a variety of patterns and prints. Please note that not every size has every color and/or print. For pictures of the colors, please contact us and we will send you over examples.

​All of our Balloon Bouquets consist of latex, foil, bubble or bobo balloons. They can range in size, shape and color. Balloons can be filled with confetti/glitter. All balloons are put on ribbons, tulle or monofilament. A balloon weight or custom balloon weight is used to hold the bouquet down.

Bouquet Sizes

  • Bouquet of 3, bouquet of 5, bouquet of 7, bouquet of 10, bouquet of 12, bouquet of 16 or bouquet of 20

  • Bouquets can also be custom designed to fit your needs. Need a random bouquet of 13 or 45 balloons? We can accommodate.


Our Helium Jumbos are latex, foil, bubble or bobo balloons filled with helium that are 24” or bigger. We have a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. All balloons come with a ribbon and weight. Tulle, balloon collars, glitter or confetti can be added as well. Great for bouquets of 3 balloons or to make a floating wedding entrance with our 4 or 5’ latex.

Jumbo Sizes & Types

  • Latex round sizes: 24", 3', 4' or 5'

  • Latex heart or Mickey/Minnie sizes: 3'

  • 3' Standard Jumbo Foils Shapes: Circle, Star, 6-Point Star, Heart, Open Heart (heart with a hole), Moon, Curve or Square

  • 5' XL Jumbo Foils: Circle, Star, Heart

  • Foil Orbs Sizes: 24", 3', 4' or 5'

  • Foil 3D Shapes: Cube, Diamond, Angle or Gem

  • Bobo Sizes: 24", 3' or 5'

Our Light Up Balloons come with fairy lights or a light inside the balloon. They can be helium or air filled. Our most common is the bobo balloon with fairy lights. Fairy lights come in white or rainbow.

Types of Light Up Balloons

  • 18" or 24" clear bobo/bubble with white or rainbow lights

  • 18' or 24" colored bobo/bubble with white or rainbow lights

    • Colors: red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, green, blue​

  • 16", 24" or 3' Latex with fairy lights

  • 3', 4' or 5' LED color changing balloons

    • Can be hung from the ceiling filled with air or filled with helium on a weight or balloon base ​

Helium Singles.png

Marquees can be a simple, small decor option to add as a focal piece of an event or to add to a larger creation!​ We suggest using the foil numbers and letters or a large foil shape as a focal point, with small balloons around it. They can come in variety of lengths from 2ft to 10ft wide. 

We offer many different air add-ons to marquees, as well as an attached helium bouquet. 

Types of Marquee Bases

  • Classic: the bottom base is similar to our classic column

  • Deluxe: the bottom base is similar to an organic garland

Our Balloon Mosaics come in numbers (0 to 9), letters (A to Z), special characters such as &, %, #, %, @, or custom designs.


Custom designs will need to be approved first to see if they can be made into frames. We suggest simple designs such as hearts, stars, animals, etc. 


Balloons are attached to the frame of the mosaic to create a larger display.

Sizes & Types of Mosaics 

  • 3' Standard: Consists of only latex balloons

  • 5' Standard: Consists of only latex balloons

  • 3' Deluxe: Consists of latex, foil, bubble/bobo balloons

  • 5" Deluxe: Consists of latex, foil, bubble/bobo balloons

Organic Garland.jpeg

Our most popular item is the Organic Garland! The Organic Garland is one of our most flexible items; meaning it goes with any kind of decor! They can be formed into any kind of shape and go with many of our rentals. These can be themed for any occasion and can include other non-balloon items as well, such as florals, tulle/ribbons, stickers, props, small inflatables or even our new big shiny balls!

All of our organic work/garlands are air filled, unless helium is requested (which is an added fee). All garlands are priced per foot and a 10ft minimum is required for delivery. Anything under 10ft is consider a Grab & Go garland.


Types of Organic Garlands

  • Classic: Consists of all latex balloons in 4 colors

  • Deluxe: Consists of latex, foil, bubble/bobo balloons in 5 colors

  • Full: Similar to our deluxe, this is fuller all the way through

  • All Foil: Great for a latex allergy because it consists of all non-latex balloons (foil, bubble or bobos). Choose up to 5 colors/shapes​​.

Beach Ball Arch.heic

Our Outdoor Decor options are great for outdoor parties or events! We highly suggest making sure that the weather conditions are okay for balloons. Please click below to see more information on our Outdoor Decor guidelines. 

Types of Outdoor Decor 

  • Beach Ball Arch: Made out of beach balls! Any colors, sizes or designs are welcome. Size options are 20ft and 25ft ONLY.

  • Party Poles: Consists of balloons on a pole, with topper of choice

  • Party Pole Message: Consists of two party poles with toppers of choice, with a saying or name in between them with foil number or letter balloons

  • Wind Chime: Consists of linking balloons formed into strands, tulle or ribbon and topper of choice. These look great when they blow in the wind!

  • Pool Balloons: Priced per balloon and include a weight

    • Helium balloon options: 3' to 5' latex, 3' to 5' foil, XL foil number or letter, 24" to 5' bobo balloon​

    • Air balloon options

      • Any latex balloons are welcome from size 16" to 5'

      • Foil balloons are welcome from size 24" to 5'

      • Bobo balloons are welcome from size 18" to 5'

Chef Sculpture.heic

We strive to be unique! We allow any and all custom designs or sculpture requests. We do not limit the size of the piece.

We ask that you provide us with as much information that you can.​ Please send us photos of inspiration/ideas, but keep in mind that we do not copy work from other artists.

Pre-Made Sculpture Options

  • Linking Number or Letter Sculptures (8' tall)

  • Yard Number of Letter Sculptures (8' tall)

  • Rainbow, Floating Teddy Bear, Hot Air Balloon, Ice Cream, Anchor 

  • Gender Reveal Column

  • Princess Carriage

Our Starbursts and Topiaries can be made in a variety of colors, prints, styles, and all kinds of balloons - themed to match any and all events. We can hang them from the ceiling, attach them to a column/pole, put them on a railing and even inflate them with helium so they float (16" or bigger balloons). Ask for more information about our kinds of Topiaries. 

Colors/Sizes of Starbursts

  • Sizes include: 19", 26" and 40"

  • Standard Colors include: white, black, red, orange, pink, dark pink, purple, lilac, blue, light blue, green

  • Metallic Colors include: silver, rose gold, gold, white gold

  • Matte Colors include: eucalyptus, olive, ivory, blush, copper, black

  • See Through Colors: clear, red, yellow, lime green, mint

  • Other styles: rainbow, iridescent, sprinkles print

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