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  • What areas do you serve?
    We are located in Glenside, PA and proudly serve Philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs, and beyond! Our coverage reaches North & South Jersey, Delaware, and even the beautiful shore points. While farther areas come with an additional delivery or shipping fee, we're always happy to discuss your specific needs.
  • How do I place an order or request a quote?
    Ready to Grab & Go? Order directly on our Grab & Go page! Know your perfect order? Fill out our contact form with all the details and we'll whip up a quote for you.
  • How far in advance should I place my order?
    We ask at least 2 weeks in advance; however, we understand things come up last minute. The earlier you order, the smoother the process! It gives us more time to create your dream balloons and make your event unforgettable. Last-minute requests? We'll try our best if we have space and materials, but a late fee may apply. For specific quotes or questions, just fill out our contact form!
  • How long will the balloon decor last?
    The lifespan of a balloon piece depends on both internal and external factors. Air-filled pieces can last weeks, whereas helium pieces might last only 2-7 days. Indoor pieces will last longer than outdoor pieces due to environmental factors. We will always be honest and upfront about any factors that can affect your balloon decor in any way.
  • Can I meet with you at my event space location?
    Yes! We encourage on-site meetings to review details prior to your event. Meet ups are available by appointment only. Please contact us via email ( to schedule an appointment or include in your inquiry that you would like to schedule an appointment.
  • Can you place balloon decor outdoors?
    Yes, decor can be placed outdoors... with some limitations! Almost all of our balloon decor options can be placed outdoors. We ask that you please review the following guidelines for outdoor decor: Heat and direct sunlight can make balloons oxidize or pop more rapidly than normal. Oxidation is the process of when the latex breaks down in the balloons, causing the balloons to have a "matte" like finish. All latex balloons kept outdoors will oxidize. Putting outdoor decor under shade, a tent, or something along those lines will help your balloons last longer. We highly suggest NOT putting your decor in the direct sunlight. We suggest if you are using latex balloons to go with lighter colors (whites, matte colors, etc). Darker colors will go down faster in the sun. Wind and rain can and will affect balloons. If the balloons are not secured properly, the wind can ruin a display. If you have helium balloons, the rain will cause the helium balloons to not float. We suggest ordering all air filled designs for outdoor decor, unless you know what the weather will be like the day of your event. The cold weather does not affect balloons as much as the heat. Foil or Mylar balloons will tend to "go down" in the cooler temperatures. Use foil or plastic balloons as much as possible for outdoor events, especially in the heat as they will last longer. Make sure your event location will allow balloons outside. DO NOT EVER release any helium filled balloons into the air. MBM is not responsible for the weather or how the weather affects your balloons after an event is set-up. If we have a recommendation for your event, please respect it as we know what is best for the balloons and we want them to last as long as possible for you!
  • Can you use balloons provided by the client?
    Unfortunately, we do not use balloons purchased outside of our own vendors. We want to ensure we are providing you with the highest quality balloons and materials for your decor.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept PayPal, Venmo, Check or Cash.
  • Do you have a color chart for your balloon offerings?
    Qualatex Catalog Betallic/Betallatex Gemar Catalog Tuf-Tex Catalog Kalisan Catalog Anagram Catalog NorthStar Catalog
  • Are you open to business partnerships/collaborations?
    Moments By Max loves to work with others in the industry! We are constantly growing and always looking for new connections/people within the industry to collaborate with. We welcome event, wedding, and party planners to collab with us on future events! Contracts can be created specifically for you and our partnership. If you are interested in working with MBM, or partnering with us, please contact to discuss further.
    Last updated: September 19th, 2022 For a more detailed description of our privacy & policies, please send us an email. Content All content made or created by Moments by Max is exclusively created for you, the client, and no one else. We do not and will not copy someone else’s work. We ask that if our content is posted online, we are credited for it appropriately and accordingly. We have the right to take photographs at the event and to use/post them on our website and social media outlets. Limitation of Liability Neither Moments by Max nor the Client incur a liability to each other for failing to perform any obligation under this agreement if such failure results from a force majeure or any forces beyond reasonable control. Weather Moments by Max is not responsible for inclement weather, or any other situations that may cancel or postpone your event. Please note that Moments by Max will make every effort to accommodate date changes as permitted by our schedule. Injuries to Staff If incapacitating illness, injury, or emergency inhibits Moments by Max from performing on the specific event date, then a notice will be filed, and the deposit will be returned to the client. Injuries to Clients We are not responsible for accidents or injuries related to our décor caused by mischief or mishandling by the Client, guests, or site staff. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold Moments by Max harmless of and from all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorneys' fees and costs, to the extent caused by or arising out of or relating to the work of Moments by Max. Equipment We use professional equipment and materials as intended for its particular purpose within all our designs. To limit your risk of damage we recommend that all décor, equipment, and any other items remain in the position and location they are ordered for, installed in, or placed in. Performance & Harm If Moments by Max feels that the contract has been breached, and is not able to provide décor services on the date on the event due to weather, injury to our staff or the client, not enough time given to complete the task, violence or any other aspect affecting our ability to perform the task at hand, we are permitted to leave the event location with full payment.

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